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2020 Open 

2020 Amateur


2020 Youth


2020 Rookie & Walk Trot All Ages


2019 All Arounds

Members will have 5 days to bring up any concerns or questions regarding points.   After that 5-day period, the points will be considered FINAL and will not be changed for ANY reason.

All Around final standings are included.  Horses who showed only in a single class (like just Halter or just West Pl, etc.) are not included in the list of all around contenders.

Please let Tracy know if you find any errors at tlbauman@yahoo.com !!

Awards will be given to the top 3 qualified

horses in each class for Open,

Amateur, Select, Novice Am, Youth,

& Novice Yth.  Awards will be given to 1st

place qualifiers in Rookie & Walk-Trot classes. 


To be eligible for a class year-end award, you must show in that class to one more judge than the largest circuit 
(if the largest circuit is 4 judges, then 5 are required. If the largest circuit is 6 judges, then 7 are required). If the minimum number of judgesis not met, an award will not be handed out, regardless of number of pointsearned.

There is no minimum point requirement for an award to be handed out. See link for the points calculation chart. In halter 
classes, any additional points earned for Gr/Res do not count towards year-end class awards.


To be eligible for a year-end All Around award (saddle), you must compete in 3 AQHA categories as outlined in the AQHA rulebook. 
This applies to all divisions: Senior Horse, Junior Horse, Amateur, Select, Youth, Level 1 (novice) Am & Level 1 (novice) Yth. 


Open Level 1 (green) classes and any Grand/Res halter points do NOT count towards the All Around.

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