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Spring Fling


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NIQHA Spring Fling Horse Show, Lewiston Idaho, June 4-7, 2020                   05/20/20


CO vid 19 Protocol

The NIQHA Spring Fling in Lewiston will be our first show this season. Entries are up, and it looks to be a large show. Being the first event of its kind held this year, we will be monitored closely. Our protocols and how we administered them will be closely watched. It is for this reason we must work together to make sure we are always all in compliance with the CO vid 19 rules.



Take your temperature before you leave. If it is over 100 stay home. If someone wants to take your temperature at the show, do not be offended, it is for your and everyone’s best interest.

Keep 6’ between each other at all times possible.

Wear a mask. They will be available for purchase starting at $5.

Use hand sanitizer stations regularly. There will be many.

No more than 50 people in the indoor arena at any one time

Do not enter the arena any earlier than two classes prior to your class (except halter classes).

Please leave arena after your class, so others may enter for theirs.

No more than 50 people inside Barn at any one time.

No concessions will be available. Restaurants are open with limited seating.

You will be expected to pick up after yourself and to take your own trash with you.

Please leave extra family members at home. Spectators are not encouraged.



Try to keep group gathering to 10 and under. Follow personal spacing rules and meet outside if possible.

No large gathering, potlucks, wine tasting we be held.

Please greet friends with elbow bumps and keep personal spacing.



Please limit number of people in office to 2 contestants at any one time.

Please contact Darlene by phone or email with your complete list of classes you want

to enter prior to show to help limit time in you need to be in office. Adds and drops will

be handled at gate. Prepayment, or open checks will be greatly appreciated. All patterns will be posted on Mountains States Website. All Patterns will be posted at show. Individual patterns available upon request.



We are pleased to have the opportunity to put on this show. Please help us make it a success by following the rules.



Sincerely, Joe Smith

NIQHA President

MSQHA President



Our Mission:

To promote, recognize, and reward owners, breeders,

shows, clubs, and enthusiasts of the American Quarter Horse.

This year Mountain States will offer permanent numbers!  

Anyone holding an existing number(s) from a state affiliate will be offered first right of refusal for their number(s). If more the one member holds the same number(s) from different affiliates, the member having the number for the most consecutive years will be giving first right of refusal. In case of a tie we will flip for it. We will not issue any numbers in the 300 series for our show secretaries use. A fee of $10 per horse per year will be charged. Laminated numbers will be provided this year and to first time number requests. Replacement or additional numbers will be available by request for a fee.

Call or email Susan Clary if you have any questions
Please mail request form with check or money order to:

MSQHA c/o Susan Clary

25438 Northridge Dr

Lewiston, ID 83501

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